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Songs from Utopia

“... grief, passion and love which gets under the skin. The expressive, somber singing and playing of vocalist/guitarist Rebekka Zarkava and her band ...” (Festival Folk Holidays - Náměšť nad Oslavou CZ)

“... The excellent band around singer and songwriter Rebekka Zarkava is certainly one of the biggest surprises of the festival ...” (Festival Eurotrialog - Mikulov CZ)

“... let’s call it urban folk, where the noblesse des chansons meets the elegance and naturalness of folk. The melodic feel, the fragility of the dreamy acoustic songs, accentuated with light rock influences as was common in the 60s and 70s. The result: an unbelievably beautiful and natural sounding record.” Rating: six out of seven crowns. (Richard Kutěj, MusicZone, Prague).

... new shows coming soon!

Future prospects

February 2014 - a new website, new shows and the release date of our new album - soon!

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